TecTecTec XPRO2+ Test 10% discount (English)

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What  a suprise! Just 5 months after the TecTecTec XPRO2, we have already her little sister.

The firm TecTecTec listenned to reviewer of the TecTecTec XPRO2  in Europe before to go on the american market.

We were pleased to try the first this camera;

Order the XPRO2+ camera on the TecTecTec website, enter the word  « choisirsacamera10% » and get 10% discount on anything you will buy.

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The mains  difference with the TecTecTec XPRO2 are:

  • Ultra Haute Définition 4k 25fps
  • Sensor sony Imax

This camera cannot be ashame of her sister the GoPro Hero 4 Black edition. The factory caracteriscs are well abover her.

The mains ones are:

  • Ultra High Definition: 4K @ 25 ims, 2.7K @ 30 ims, 1080 p @ 60 ims ou 720p @ 90 ims.
  • MODE Full HD in 1080p with 60 frames per seconde for the quick action and the mode 4Kwith 25 frames per secondefor the slower actions.
  • ACCESSORISES: A lot of accessories are prensent in the pack sold with the camera.
  • Slow motion, Time Lapse (from 0.5 secondes to 60 secondes time lapse), Loop Recording (ideal for use as a dash cam), Self Timer Photo Mode, Battery Saver Mode as well as adjustable exposure and white balance settings.
  • TecTecTec Warranty: The XPRO2+ comes with an English language manual and can be configured in several languages, including English. In addition to its 1 year warranty, TecTecTec XPRO2+ comes with a full-satisfaction guarantee with a 30 day full refund return policy and of course technical support in English provided 7 days a week.

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We liked:

Well above the above the GoPro, this camera makes amazing videos and pictures. You won’t be desapointed! The custommer service is really nice and will answer to all you questions.

We disliked:

The sound with the waterproof case could be better but it’s waterproof and it’s what we want!

To conclude:

Go for it you won’t regret it. It’s ideal for action movie or slow movie and it will follow you for all your activities.

Order the XPRO2+ camera on the TecTecTec website, enter the word  « choisirsacamera10% » and get 10% discount on anything you will buy.

Check the deals on Amazon Here (You can get up to 50% discount)

The last Amazon comments:
TOP 50 REVIEWERon March 31, 2016

I was given this camera for free in exchange for my honest review and I’ve been testing it out for the past couple of weeks on my mountain bike rides. The camera comes with a huge assortment of attachments including a waterproof clear case. I shoot only in 1080p because I don’t have a 4k screen so I can’t comment on how 4k looks. Here’s my list of pros/cons for the camera.

+ 1080p video looks OK, not great. In broad daylight it’s good enough to shoot some basic action footage but I’m sure there are much nicer camera’s with much nicer lenses out there. The image quality overall is about average for a camera in this price range.
+ It shoots 4k video. For this price you usually only get 1080p.
+ All of the attachments are standard GoPro size and will fit into any helmets or whatever else you own that works with a GoPro. I use it on my Bell Super 2 bike helmet.
+ Everything you could possibly need (except not a micro-SD card) is included in the kit. There are attachments for everything you could ever want.
+ Operation is dead simple and so are the menus. It took my all of 5 seconds to figure out how to use.
+ The price is right.
+ There are some extra features that are nice in this camera like wifi, slow motion, time lapse photography, and dash cam mode.

– There are no instructions for the attachments. I can’t figure out how to use half of them.
– I’m not sure if the camera has image stabilization built-in or not, but if it does, it doesn’t work well. If you ride with this thing on your bike helmet the video will be very shaky. This is a problem with basically all of these action cams including the GoPros. There is software to help smooth out the video. I use microsoft hyperlapse pro.
– It comes with 1 battery and battery life isn’t fantastic. I get about an hour of shooting video with a full charge. Maybe an hour and a half.

Overall this is a nice, cheap GoPro alternative. It’s not perfect but for only $80 it’s a good deal. If you’re looking for a small action camera to take with you when you’re riding your bike or whatever this is a decent little camera that will get the job done as long as you process the video in a smoother afterwards.

on March 29, 2016
This is an excellent action camera for the price. I have tested it at night, in water, attached to a remote control car driving over gravel, and more. The camera performs quite well. In my video, you will see the camera attached to the car. Please keep in mind that there was a lot of gravel, so it was a pretty rocky ride. Also please note that Amazon grossly downgrades the video quality, so please see my youtube video for a more accurate depiction of the video.
The camera actually did better than I expected it to in low light situations. And underwater it is just stunning! I have really enjoyed putting this camera underwater. The case is completely waterproof and keeps the camera bone dry. It is so waterproof that it is a bit difficult to open. It is just a matter of getting the hang of it. And just like the GoPro, it is a simultaneous push and lift on the two arrows–kinda tricky for some of us.
The casing and all accessories included with this camera are as good as that of the GoPro. And it does include some nice accessories. I did purchase an additional case with accessories to have a more complete kit, but this has enough to get you started. Also, most of the GoPro accessories will fit with this, with one of the exceptions being the waterproof housing.
Just like the GoPro, there is an available app that allows you to control the settings of this camera via your phone (Android or IOS). It works well, and is very convenient for times when I do not want to push play until after I have situated my camera. From your phone, make sure you go into the wifi settings, and there you should see « Action Cam. » Make sure you connect to it that way in order for the app to work.
This camera will only record video with an SD card installed, so make sure you have one before setting out on your adventure.
Overall, I am quite impressed with this little camera. The images are vivid, the fish eye view is wide and panoramic, and the casing is top notch. The XPro2 action camera is overall a great value.
I received this item for evaluation and review.
Over the years I’ve had a couple of these generic brand go-pro sports cameras and most have worked fine but had problems with stability, resolution or light. I’m happy to say that this is a VAST improvement over the older ones and well worth the upgrade. First, it is the same general size and at first blush, doesn’t really look any different…a fact I was happy to see since it means my old accessories will work fine…not that this needs many because it comes with a great selection that normally costs a small fortune with the big brand name version. Next is the resolution…this is a big improvement over the older versions. Stability is better but not perfect – and the light is overall better thanks in part to the better resolution and in part, it just seems more able to handle lower light without getting totally grainy. Given the price difference and rate of improvement for these products, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this over the big name brand which will be obsolete in no time flat. The difference between the price versus features simply doesn’t justify the extra expense. Very pleasantly impressed. Nice kit that quickly replaced my older cameras. Coupon code resulted in low/no price purchase for evaluation.

So this is the second « non-GoPro » sports camera I have received to review and test in exchange for an unbiased review. And this one is far better than the first one I tested. Better photos, better sound, and much less vibration in the videos.

We recently went skiing, and I tested it out. I took a ton of videos at the highest resolution, and didn’t even fill up my 64 GB SD card. So I wore this on a chest harness, and I think that gave much better results than the helmet harness. Plus, it was easy for me to navigate the on screen options. The buttons are easy to use even with gloves on, but you do have to hold them a little longer than when it is not in the case. See my video of my kids skiing at Purgatory, CO. (UPDATE: My video is getting corrupted when I upload it to Amazon. I had to take it down until I can get the issue resolved with tech support).

Basically, straight out of the box, I could use the camera without looking at the instructions. Very easy to navigate through the menus. There was a nice little manual in the box which had some great photos on how to combine the various accessories, which was very helpful to me. You charge the camera through a micro USB port, and it also has a micro HDMI port so you can watch the videos directly on a TV with HDMI. When you plug the USB to your computer, it asks you how you want to use it (as a USB device etc). I was able to launch and watch videos straight from the camera without copying them to the computer first.

Overall, this worked very well, and exceeded my expectations of this type of sport camera. And it is at a great price compared to the big brand name version!

 This Sports Action Camera is pretty cool. The color alone is stunning. It’s compatible with most GoPro attachments /accessories not to mention it conveniently fits in the palm of your hand. You can attach it to almost anything including clothing, helmets, bikes, surf boards, dashboards and motorcycles.This camera takes pretty great video footage. I was pleasantly surprised when uploading videos to my laptop. I’m quite pleased with the overall quality. You can also connect it to your tv to watch it on a bigger screen.The sound is pretty good especially without its waterproof case. The case makes it sound a little muffled. It’s not that noticeable. I’ve noticed similar issues with other sports action cameras. I personally enjoy the protection the case offers so sound isn’t a problem for me. I’m more interested in the actual video footage which is great.The photo quality is okay. You can capture some pretty decent photos for sure.The battery life last a little over 1 hour. However this is pretty common. I would certainly recommend purchasing extra batteries to carry with you .I love that it came with several attachments. Definitely makes this a great starter kit. This Sports Action Camera would make a great gift for anyone. Especially teenagers and outdoor enthusiasts. A great alternative to expensive GoPro Cameras. The video quality on this camera is surprisingly good. It can be taken anywhere due to its size. All in all I am very satisfied with the video quality coming from a camera in this price range..plus you get all of the attachments..something you have to normally buy extra…5 stars from me on this camera…It does everything it advertised to do and does it well at a fraction of the cost. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments. I will respond. If you found my review helpful, let me know. Lets keep making better buying decisions together. Thank you and as always Be Safe & Happy Shopping!! I received a sample product to test and evaluate and give my unbiased feedback to you. If anything changes during my usage, I will update my review.

on March 18, 2016

 *Remember Amazon compresses the video file so it’s not going to be HD, watch in HD video search TipsNNtricks on YouTube.

This is a really cool camera with cool features, I’ll go over a few issues I had which I explain in the video. But I tested this out on the open road more of a dash camera for my car and it passed the test nicely. It has a great field of view, the color that I ordered was the all black and it’s very sharp and nice, the mounts it comes with are top notch just like your with GoPro, but you get more mount options straight out of the box then GoPro so that’s a plus.

After I formatted the micro SD to the camera, I found out that even though the camera says I was recording in 4k, when I got home and went to edit the video it turned out it was only audio and no picture. That’s my micro SD cards fault you will need a 4k micro SD card. This is why the full video example is in 1080p.

Sound is pretty good (outside the case) in the waterproof case it’s a little low, I think GoPro is better sound quality but again this is a super better price point.

Movie playback comes out a mp4 file

The video is very crisp and clear especially at night if you were going to use as a dash camera.

One thing I wish is that instead of 2 waterproof backings, that you would get a backing with slots in it for better audio, as I mention in the video.

Overall I really like this camera, I just wish I had a 4k micro SD card to test that. The mounts are awesome and the look is really cool. The app has awesome features and I really like it. I got this camera in exchange to make an unbiased review, so that I could provide my best evaluation.
I hope my comments and video will help you make an informed decision


Is it good? Yes. Depending on your light source like most of these cheaper current gen action cams you can product some amazing results.

I will keep this short since several of them went out for ‘review purposes’ and I have no interest in joining a chorus of repetition nor the obvious.

Give it sunlight or even an overcast day your going to get an incredible picture. Sure, if you want o to put it side by side with a go pro then you might find a slight difference. Go Pro became the standard because of their marketing engine – you are getting far more bang for your buck from the likes of the XP2Pro – gitup – yicam etc. These are all excellent quality products and with product such as this producing 4K at 25fps you have performance on level with only the black level go pro’s.

Night picture is terrible, its actually one of the worst I have used but I was expecting it to be given the standard of the recent batch of cameras. The interface is quick and easy to navigate and uses the same OS as a cam i received not that long ago sans the option of 4K 25FPS. Also on that its likely interpolating 4K since I’m doubting the sensor supports it but don’t worry to much about that detail just enjoy the results.

For $80 its certainly one of the ones to beat at the lower end of pricing. It has made my shortlist of 5 action cameras that are actually useable (without trailing off and stating ‘for the price’). Its just very good folks, and plenty of good times ahead in the action camera market.

Product provided for review – its just my opinion.


I have a go pro hero 4 and I cannot tell the difference in video quality when I play both back side by side. That is really saying something considering the obvious price differences here.

Having had experience with Go Pro cameras I was very skeptical that these offered for review by XPRO would even be able to compete. The picture quality itself is HD with good color and features. The test sample Camera is all encased in its protective housing that is clear and obviously built for water resistance.

You can control the camera from its metal buttons on the housing, or via wifi with its included wrist controller, or via the android or IOS app.
I found that all of them once you get the hang of things, works quite well.

This camera requires a micro-SD card and can handle up to a 64gb card, not included.


The TECTECTEC Xpro2 camera is a high end industry copy of the GoPro type of camera with many of the same features and capabilities of the GoPro cameras.

It is well made and comes with many accessories including a waterproof case that connects to most of the GoPro accessory products on the market.

This camera is a bit thicker than the GoPro but has the same connector that is used with most GoPro accessories so any accessory that encloses the camera entirely will not fit this camera

This camera can film at various settings and qualities including 90 frames per second at 720p and 60 frames per second in HD 1080P for the sports mode.

There are several camera modes to use such as Slow Motion Mode, Time Lapse Mode, Loop Recording, Self Timer Photo Mode, Battery Saver Mode and you can adjust the exposure and white balance as well for really tech savvy photographers and film makers.

My favorite feature is the WiFi mode that allows you to activate the camera and scroll through several basic settings for the camera from any WiFi enabled device on the same network. Simply install the free app and turn on the WiFi on the camera and you can remotely access the camera functions or preview the videos and pictures without removing the SD card.

The LCD screen also allows you to adjust the settings of the camera and review your pictures and the video shot without connecting to a computer.

It does not come with a Micro SD but I suggest you get one at 32g or 64g and the integrated card slot allows you to put in any size storage card to expand on the internal memory of the camera and makes for easy transfer of the video.

This is a great alternative to the much more expensive GoPro series of sports cameras at a fraction of the cost. There are several on the market but the Xpro2 is a great improvement from the first generation copies.

If you want to see examples of the video quality there are several on Youtube to see just some of the options for uses of this camera.

I love the great quality of the videos and I love the price as well.

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